Summer Must-do: Visit a country ice cream stand

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and what’s left of it! There’s nothing better on a hot summer night than some ice cream from the local stand. Our personal favorite is Dairyland in Sharon Springs, New York. You can’t miss the classic look of these stands, and they’ll never go out of style. People come from miles away and line up for the variety of hand-packed or soft-serve ice cream, milkshakes, and even the fried stuff from the grill! Some of our best childhood summer memories involve going to get ice cream, and it’s great to see other families doing the same. It’s a tried and true American Summer experience. On your next road trip, be sure to take a pit stop at one of the many stands lining the back roads of the Hudson Valley and Connecticut. For some reason, ice cream just tastes better in the country!


It’s pretty hard to beat a chocolate/vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles on a cone. What’s your favorite? 


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